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Providing Direction for successful oncology drug development

Clinical trials are all about obtaining valuable data to show proof of concept, protecting patients and compiling the regulatory dossier, but developing anticancer drugs is a complex business. The right expertise is required to find the best way forward. Imagine availing of in-depth knowhow and receiving proactive guidance from oncology trial design to full execution. This will not only give you a head start, but will also allow you to be on top of your data, make informed decisions, mitigate risks and identify opportunities during study conduct.

Offering an integrated approach of clinical operations with expert advice, SMS-oncology sets itself apart from typical CROs by providing Direction during the entire Drug-Data-Dossier path. With our unique “4D” service we are able to give you meaningful insights that will contribute to the successful development of your oncology compound.

Our advantages

  • Proactively addressing challenges before they turn into hurdles
  • Strategic clinical development advice that can be directly translated into clinical operations
  • Turning complex data into meaningful insights during study conduct using our oncology expertise
Oncology Experts
  • In-depth knowledge of the complex nature of early phase oncology and immuno-oncology studies
  • Dedicated professionals with oncology know-how and experience in all functions of the company
  • Extensive network of Key Opinion Leaders throughout Europe
Responsiveness, Quality & Flexibility
  • Responsive and "right-sized" project teams for close collaboration, flexibility and fast-decision making
  • Close and personal involvement of the management team ensuring a high standard of quality
  • Delivering tailor made solutions by offering full or functional services as needed


  • AAA
  • BiOrion
  • Complix
  • Cristal Therapeutics
  • Delcath Systems
  • eTheRNA
  • Glycostem
  • HYD Pharma
  • Immutep
  • ISA Pharmaceuticals
  • Lipopharma
  • Merus
  • Novalon
  • Pfizer Oncology
  • Prima BioMed
  • Teva Nederland
  • Transimmune
  • UCL Technology Fund
  • 2-BBB Medicines


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9 September 2016

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10 May 2016

SMS-oncology takes part in the international 'PRECIOUS' consortium

21 April 2016


Innovation for Health

Rotterdam, the Netherlands (16 February 2017)

BioCapital Europe

Amsterdam, the Netherlands (15 March 2017)

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