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Raymond Hoffmans PhD

Raymond has over 10 years of experience in cancer research. He received his MSc in Biology from the University of Utrecht (NL) in 2002. After obtaining his PhD from the University of Zurich (CH) in 2006, he joined the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard Medical School) in Boston (US) as a postdoctoral research fellow. In order to carry out his research, Raymond received a one-year stipend from the Swiss National Science Foundation and a 2,5-year fellowship from the Dutch Cancer Society. The latter fellowship enabled him to come back to the Netherlands in 2009 where he successfully finished his research project at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht. In his 7+ years at the bench he used the fruitfly, zebrafish and cell culture systems to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of signaling pathways involved in cancer. He authored 7 papers in renowned international peer reviewed journals. With his strong academic background, Raymond joined SMS-oncology as a Consultant in January 2010. In this position as well as in his role of Contract & Proposal Manager, he has been appreciated for his proficient advice in many oncology drug development projects. Because of Raymond’s excellent ability to translate science into realistic and pragmatic clinical study designs and goals that are driven by sponsors’ needs and expectations, he was promoted to Director Consultancy and supervised the consultancy group from October 2012 to February 2015. As of January 2014, Raymond is CBDO and successfully contributes to the continuous growth of SMS-oncology both through sales as well as through the development and fine tuning of processes and systems.