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From Intern to Business Developer: a personal view of working at SMS-oncology

From Intern to Business Developer: a personal view of working at SMS-oncology

In the current economy, finding a job after graduation is not always easy. I realized that in order for me to get a job that I both like and is in line with my master Biomedical Sciences; Science, Business and Policy, my graduate internship could be of great importance for job perspectives and opportunities. My goal was to become a commercially orientated employee in a biomedical company. But how could I turn my goal into reality?

From laboratory to industry.
During the first years of my education, the main focus was on doing preclinical research and its value for science. It had prepared me for a career as researcher. Although I was highly interested in oncology, my laboratory experience made me realize that I wanted an additional aspect namely: to focus more on the level of business and society. Commerce, sales, human interaction, communication and organizational aspects was what I missed and desired. Therefore I specifically chose the master’s track Science, Business and Policy (SBP) to combine my biomedical and commercial interest.

Science, Business and Policy Internship.
For my graduate internship, I contacted the company I was particularly interested in: SMS-oncology. A few weeks later I started as an intern to experience in real life how to bridge the gap between the laboratory, work floor and business strategy. Commerce, strategic positions, attracting clients and visibility within the industry were of great importance in this internship – thereby always operating on the basis of clinical cancer research. My project involved exploring the development of a new innovative service. Besides investigating scientific trends and opportunities in early phase oncology trials, I conducted interviews with sponsors and a venture capitalist to scrutinize their needs and opinions, analyzed the competition and wrote a marketing & sales plan. I really enjoyed these business aspects of working at the interface of medicine and industry. After joining a Business Developer to a congress it was clear to me: I wanted to become one myself.

SMS-oncology as potential employer?
At the same time, I was able to explore SMS-oncology as a potential employer. I enjoyed their employees’ full dedication, commitment, personalized working fashion and that they have pleasure in their jobs. Especially the latter is in my opinion very important to be able to excel as a company. Also the fact that the needs of sponsors are drivers to become the best oncology specialized CRO was something I appreciated in SMS-oncology. I particularly liked their open channel of communication for both their employees and clients to receive feedback, ideas for improvement and to think with the client. This was a company I wanted to work for.

Achieving my goal.
As for SMS-oncology, they could explore whether I would be a good employee for them upon graduation. To convince them of my capabilities, I showed them that my endeavor is to always go for the best possible result and that I work hard, focused and independent. They gave me room to grow, ask questions, be curious and were open for my ‘fresh out of school’ ideas and opinions. I did my utmost best to achieve my goal in this inspiring company.

Therefore I am pleased to announce that I am assigned as Business Developer at SMS-oncology as of August 1st. I am looking forward to meet you at congresses we at SMS-oncology attend in the fall. My new goal is to convince you of the qualities and benefits you will obtain in case you choose SMS-oncology to be your partner for your early stage oncology trials – just as I have been convinced during this internship.