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SMS-oncology is proud supporter of TAT 2015 congress

SMS-oncology is proud supporter of TAT 2015 congress

Targeted anticancer therapies - designed to inhibit the unregulated cell growth of cancer cells by targeting specific proteins or pathways or by activating the immune system - serve as the foundation for drug discovery and development nowadays.

The increasing use of these specific agents in clinical trials in the past decade has been translated into the FDA and EMA approval of many drugs for the treatment of specific types of cancer. A recent example is the approval of the PARP inhibitor Olaparib (Lynparza™) for the treatment of advanced BRCA mutated ovarian cancer. Olaparib takes advantage of the fact that cancer cells of patients with BRCA 1 or 2 mutations often have an increased reliance of PARP to repair their DNA, which in turn enables tumor cells to continue dividing. An overview of the anticancer agents approved by EMA in 2014 can be found in our previous blog.

At SMS-oncology we are at the forefront of working with innovative cancer treatments including targeted- and immunotherapy’s, and therefore a proud supporter of the upcoming Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT) 2015 congress in Paris, 2-4 March.

The annual meetings of TAT are much appreciated due to the professional while informal atmosphere, the in-depth scientific lectures and discussions, and the focus on early-phase development and translational research of new cancer drug targets and agents only. In addition, the TAT offers a unique, single-room setting to allow excellent networking opportunities. It is therefore not surprising that “The home of phase I in oncology” is attended by key opinion leaders, young investigators and industry from over 30 countries globally.

Since small biotech companies are increasingly active in drug discovery and the early phases of clinical development, this year’s TAT congress encouraged biotech companies to submit abstracts of their research. The congress will feature a special event wherein accepted abstracts are scheduled for oral or poster presentation. At SMS-oncology we are pleased to be selected for a poster presentation for our abstract “Comparison of study designs, objectives and results of phase I trials with cytotoxic versus non-cytotoxic anticancer agents”.

We are looking forward to exchange views and discuss matters with you and other representatives of companies involved in the early clinical development of anticancer therapeutics during the upcoming TAT congress. Will you be joining us?