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SMS-oncology receives ISO certification

Last month’s introduction of the new SMS-oncology website is just another sign of the continuing growth of our organization. Our service capabilities have broadened consistently over the past two years and the quality of our work meets a higher standard.

I am proud to announce that a major milestone in our quality improvement objectives has been met. SMS-oncology has always worked from an ICH-GCP compliant quality system, but for our benefit and the benefit of our sponsors, we also wanted to be ISO 9001 accredited. We have recently passed the final ISO audit and will receive our formal ISO certificate shortly.

Needless to say, quality is important. However, I am equally excited about what we can bring to the table in terms drug development consulting support to our biotech customers. Currently, we are assisting a number of clients to find the best way forward with the development of their oncology drugs in a highly competitive environment. The type of treatment modalities we are working on range from first in class drug targets to the reformulation of existing cytotoxic drugs. The development challenges for all of these programs remain considerable. In short, there are no easy development routes for anti cancer drugs any more…unless of course you have that miracle drug that will cure cancer!

Personally, I am looking forward to visiting the ASCO meeting in Chicago at the beginning of June. There will be plenty of news about the continued success of targeted therapies in several indications, plus the inhibition of multiple targets like the early data regarding dabrafenib and trametinib slowing melanoma progression. But also updates on the long-lasting discussion on the need for adjuvant treatment in head and neck cancer.

Additionally, ASCO serves as a strategic meeting place for SMS-oncology and our partner organizations, as we will be talking about a number of opportunities to expand our study activities into North-America as well as bridging the gap to perform expansion studies into Europe. We are able to take on “global” assignments with the commitment and support of our partners which ultimately adds to the overall capabilities of our company.

As always, we are committed to bringing innovative cancer therapies to the patient by connecting science and practice.