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Insights & analytics

Insights & analytics reportsDuring a clinical study a large amount of data is collected. With the increasing need for insightful information rather than data listings, we have developed tools to create infographics: by plotting the right data against each other, and using our oncology expertise, we can translate data into information. We believe this is useful at project level and strategically too.

Using our knowhow of all facets of oncology drug development and clinical trial conduct, we at SMS-oncology can place each single data point into context to provide our sponsors with full insightful interpreted information. This is done on an ongoing basis and reported to the sponsor at regular intervals throughout the study.

Most study progress reports delivered by CROs include plots comparing actual achievements against projected milestones. Our reports differ in that they also provide a deep cross-sectional expert analysis that builds the clinical study report layer by layer as new data points emerge. This effectively turns data into information or “insights” to help drive product development, differentiation and value.

The concise, highly professional and ready-to-present format of the Insights & Analytics helps our clients’ management teams to present important interim results to their board of directors and investors and to present abstracts, posters, oral presentation at congresses and to advisory boards.

In our experience, this allows you to make informed decisions or take any necessary corrective actions to accelerate clinical development if possible, to reallocate resources if required, to raise additional capital by current stakeholders or even attracting new investors.

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