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Oncology drug development affairs

ConsultancyWith your oncology compound showing promising preclinical results, you are now planning to enter the clinic. This important transition raises a lot of questions that need answers. Plans must be made, opportunities must be seized and hurdles must be overcome to reach “proof of concept”. Clinical experience and market understanding are crucial to discovering and leveraging the full potential of your product.

We at SMS-oncology are committed to providing expert advice in the design, setup and implementation of oncology trials and to building long-term relationships with our sponsors. Our consultancy services can be provided throughout the whole drug R&D process and span the preclinical and clinical arenas.

Our consultants recognize the importance of collecting the right data from both a clinical and a market perspective, yet at the same time ensure full practical feasibility in their advice. This can be directly beneficial to our clients with respect to quality, speed and costs. Beyond science and strategy, we have experience in helping to raise venture capital for our clients as well.

Expert advice underpinning your drug development path

Our consultancy team provides a variety of tailored-made services including:

Drug development advice
  • Gap analysis
  • Non-clinical & Chemistry Manufacturing Control (CMC) package
  • European or other academic research funding proposals
  • Regulatory advice/support
  • Competitive intelligence & market positioning
Clinical development plans

One of our particular strengths is the creation of high level, risk adjusted clinical development plans (CDPs). These are built to provide a comprehensive outline of the "roadmap" from lead compound selection until proof of concept (PoC) in the clinic and include study designs, target product profile, costs and timelines. Because of our work, many of our clients have raised venture capital and are now conducting their early phase trials as described in the CDP.

  • Novel target evaluation
  • Target product/candidate profile
  • Translational plan
  • Clinical trial design
  • Tumor indications
Medical affairs and scientific expertise
Scientific Advisory Board

At SMS-oncology we often tap into our extensive European and international network of key opinion leader (KOL) for organizing, setting up and chairing Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) for having up-to-date knowledge of clinical practice and appropriate study design advice, clinical recommendations and protocol input that benefits our sponsors from the essential beginnings.

Supporting VCs
  • Due diligence

Cases studies

RFP or protocol advice?

Would you like to request a proposal (RFP), or interested in getting a free and confidential review of your planned early phase oncology trial (draft) protocol? Use the forms below:

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