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Project management

A well-managed project is one whose team members are well trained and which is carried out per contract and within budget. But there is more, as success lies in careful thinking and up-front planning of all key aspects of your project: the clinical trial.

SMS-oncology’s project managers have many years of project management experience and have the skills required to proactively plan all key events, coordinate all stakeholders and lead a team in an oncology trial setting. Our sponsors stand to benefit from our project management expertise as follows:

  • We ensure a fully understanding of the trial and an alignment of the project with the sponsor program goals and implement a strategy to meet targets and timelines
  • We put together a comprehensive team, provide sufficient (human resources) and clearly define roles,  task ownership and responsibilities
  • We write detailed project plans to describe all key activities within the clinical trial, so that clear instructions on “how the job will be done” are available for all stakeholders
  • We mitigate risks associated with key challenges in the trial such as site selection, patient enrolment, safety monitoring and data collection
  • We try to optimize quality and to ensure a timely and accurate objective confirmation of the study endpoints
  • We use project reporting tools which provide useful study metrics and allow for early detection of trends and signals in the data.

Being able to identify challenges early and proactively address them is only possible if there is a devoted and flexible project team that can make quick decisions and works closely with the sponsor, as well as with third parties. 

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